January 2013

Taking chances.

By |January 21st, 2013|

above, Summer, 2012

It feels like it has taken me a long time to gain my momentum back with my art since Tulsi was born, but I’m thankful it’s back. I am only working part-time, but I realized about 9 months ago that the “lack” of time for my art could actually be a gift. And […]

May 2012

Hattiesburg on my mind.

By |May 18th, 2012|

This morning Tulsi whispered in my ear, “Pssssst, let’s go for a ride on a butterfly.”

“Let’s,” I replied. In case you didn’t already know, you know now who keeps me in check. And busy.

There is much I want to share from the past couple months! Where to begin?

I’ll start with Hattiesburg, Mississippi…I was very fortunate […]

March 2012

Same, Same but Different & the Ezra Jack Keats New Illustrator Award!

By |March 7th, 2012|

OH Wow! It has been an ongoing joke in our house that Tulsi says, “Mama, your books have no Caldecott Medals, but someday you’ll get a sticker!” I smile and give her sweet head a kiss. Well, I am beyond excited to share some news — The Ezra Jack Keats Foundation awarded me the Ezra […]

February 2012

New Interactive Book Art! – Travel Behind-the-Scenes of my book

By |February 22nd, 2012|

I just created a page “FOR KIDS” (and parents, teachers, big kids…) — it is now in my menu above. I think it’s super fun, and I hope it will inspire young authors and illustrators. At the top is an interactive page with 27 different “clicks” that shares some of my writing & art process […]

Calling all young explorers and artists! What colors YOUR world?

By |February 16th, 2012|

A few months ago, I shared my new picture book, Same, Same but Different, with my long-time client Karen Capp of Oopsy Daisy Fine art for Kids. She had an idea to host a craft to connect young artists with my book and my travel-inspired Oopsy Daisy art, while encouraging children to create art about […]

November 2011

SSBD Reprint!

By |November 29th, 2011|

So while I was on the road, my editor delivered the COOOOLEST news! First, SSBD was printed in both Japanese and Korean. AND Second, SSBD went into its second printing after just 4 weeks in the U.S.! I received this photo of spreads as they came off the press in NJ — which is doubly […]

booktour highlights, fun news and book giveaway winners!

By |November 28th, 2011|

Brace yourself, my book tour was long and so is this post. (But fun!)

In a little over a month, I read at ten bookstores and libraries, gave 17 school presentations and 4 skype sessions, and I think it went great. I planned the events myself, and most of the school visits were arranged by bookstores. […]

September 2011

Fall Book Events Schedule

By |September 14th, 2011|

My new picture book came out in stores yesterday! I am presently soaking in the hot springs on a much needed vacation en route to my first bookstore event.

I have events planned in Taos, Santa Fe, Durango, Boulder, Denver, Kansas City, Omaha, St. Louis and NYC, and I would LOVE to see you! Bring your […]

August 2011


By |August 14th, 2011|

Four months ago, I said I would post on the 13th of every month, in a countdown celebration for the release of my new picture book, Same, Same but Different. Um, while my excitement did not diminish, Summer took over. Hee.

Here’s an update:

After the smoke and wild winds left, the bears came. Patrick and I […]

May 2011

Same, Same but Different: from Idea to Book

By |May 13th, 2011|

One of the most interesting things about picture books is the story behind the books — where the seeds of ideas came from and how they grew.

Unlike some tales I’ve heard of children’s book authors who woke up from a dream in urgency to scribble down a story appearing to be a gift from the […]