NEW Classes for 2016-2017
UPDATED Feb 2016. For all classes, see descriptions below or email Patrick at with questions.

Aug 23 – Dec 6, 2016: Ayurveda: Living in Balance, UNM-TAOS or call 575 737 6200, Taos, NM

Oct 8-9, 2016: Introduction to Thai Massage, UNM-TAOS or call 575 737 6200, Taos, NM

Jan 16 – May 2, 2017: Traditional Thai Massage, UNM-TAOS or call 575 737 6200, Taos, NM

Ayurveda: Living in Balance
Ayurveda is the 5000+ year old healing tradition from India. This course is an introduction to the fundamental principles underlying this holistic science. The focus will be on applying these principles in our daily lives to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves as we experiment in self-healing.

Traditional Thai Massage
Traditional Thai Massage is an experience of rhythmical movement where the practitioner leads the receiver through a flow of passive yoga stretches, deep muscle pressure and joint mobilization. Rooted in the Ayurvedic, Yoga and Buddhist traditions of the East, this ancient art combines massage, yoga, meditation and the practice of compassion in action. An introductory, full-body sequence of Thai Massage will be taught. Class will emphasize meditative awareness, breathing, use of body weight and posture.

Cooking for Balance: Self-Healing through Ayurvedic Cuisine
Eating nutritious food is the foundation of health and vitality.  In this class we will learn how to prepare delicious vegetarian meals and teas and discover the medicine cabinet on our spice shelf.  We will discuss the Ayurvedic concept of health with a focus on promoting proper digestion and cooking to support balance through the changing seasons.  By becoming familiar with the qualities of the food we eat, we will learn to understand how these qualities affect our inner Nature