Cranial Sacral Therapy. Our bodies have an inherent intelligence that constantly strives to maintain a balanced, healthy system. This intelligence expresses itself through the subtle rhythmic motion of the Cranial Sacral system, which is composed of the fascia, cranial bones, spine, and cerebral spinal fluid housing the central nervous system. In a Cranial Sacral session, the practitioner “plugs in” to the cranial rhythm by gently supporting the head, sacrum or other places on the body. As he follows the subtle motion with his hands, he acts as a mirror for this healing intelligence, and the body responds by unwinding restrictions in the connective tissue throughout the body. Holding patterns in the tissue that may result from physical injury, compromised posture, nervous tension or emotional trauma are released as the cranial rhythm returns to a smooth, uninhibited movement. Cranial Sacral Therapy can be beneficial for many conditions including neck and back pain, computer stress syndrome, headaches, fatigue, mental stress, sleep disorders, emotional imbalance and chronic pain conditions. It is a gentle therapy performed on a treatment table while fully clothed.